Details of Section 13 of Legislative Decree N. 196 of 30/06/2003 (Protection of Personal Data)

Pursuant to all the effects and purposes of the aforementioned decree, it is hereby confirmed that the handling of all personal data shall be based on the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency and the protection of confidentiality and all other rights.

IL GLICINE thus informs all users of its website that their personal data (hereinafter ‘Data’) shall be handled as follows.

Personal data may be handled in paper and/or computerized formats and will not be used for the sending of publicity, promotional or other similar materials as such activity requires the express authorization of the owner of the data. This authorization must be expressly given by the owner of the data and may not be assumed as a result of tacit consent. Thus, whenever personal data may be used for purposes other than those regarding the booking of a holiday, the customer may decided whether to authorize the use of his or her data for such purposes.

The personal data collected by IL GLICINE will be sent to the relative Italian authorities for the sole purpose of fulfillment of the fiscal obligations relative to the company's business.

Data such as name, surname, address, tax code must be supplied at the moment of booking of the B&B in order to be able to proceed with invoicing. Indeed, refusal to supply such data may hinder IL GLICINE's ability to supply its services. The supply of data such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is optional and is requested for the purpose of enabling IL GLICINE to inform and update its customers of the state of their booking.

Pursuant to all the effects and purposes of Sections 7 and 8 of Legislative Decree N. 196/03, all visitors to the IL GLICINE website have the right to exercise the rights established in this law:

  • To receive details of all relative personal information held by the company
  • To cancel and/or to block as well as to update, amend or integrate any relative personal data held by the company
  • To oppose the handling of relative personal data for legitimate reasons
  • To oppose the handling of relative personal data for commercial, advertising or market research purposes

The company responsible for handling the data is Mrs. Gabriella Pucci, with operating facilities in Via Castelforte, 98/a – 90146 Palermo (PA). The data will be handled in the same place.